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Sandy Richardson

Hi Eric:
thank you for your positive feedback on my blog posts! Strategy and strategy management can be challeneging topics to make sense of and one of my goals is to try to bring it down to the key elements and work to have a meaningful conversation on them.

I agree with your observation about culture and leadership as being a prime drivers of the dark side problem. When I work with clients, one of the key success factors is to create a different kind of environment within the organization - one that provides a safe place to discuss the truth of business performance and results.

If you have any topics you would like to see me write about in the future, please let me know!

Eric Patki

Super! Great thoughts! I was going through all of your recent blogs and really admire the way you simplify often confused but very important terms/processes on Strategy / Strategic Management through these brief blogs. I too believe that measurement / reviews of strategy execution can be fact-based rather than pitched with emotions (humiliation of poor performers) thereby infusing sportsmanship in the process. Culture and leadership are mostly responsible for manifestation of dark side. In my opinion, frequency of such manifestation of dark side is important. Sometimes it is just human to get frustrated to see goals are not met, however if it is often, it could render serious disadvantages to the organization resulting in organization losing its competitiveness.

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