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Sandy Richardson

Hi Sam:
I'm glad that the formula speaks to you and am thrilled that you can see extensions into your everyday life! Sandy

Samantha Kilpatrick

As always, Sandy, you are clear and to the point...this is a formula that I can draw on not only with the organizational teams that I am working with, but I can see its use in a family/personal context as well!


Sandy Richardson

Hi Tricia:
I'm so glad that this simple concept resonated with you! I really wanted to strip it down to its essentials, and, in my experience, these are truly the critical elements that, when executed and managed well, translate into measureable success!

Sandy Richardson

Hi Andrei:
glad you liked the ideas included in this post!

Tricia Wilcox Almas

This is a great article! Your formula is bound to provide measureable results. As a BI practitioner, I can attest to the value of each component of your formula, but I never thought about designing implementation programs with such a clear agenda. Thank you for the inspiration!
Tricia Wilcox Almas

Andrei Stamate

Nice point of view!

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