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Sandy Richardson

Thanks for your great comment! I totally agree that learning must result in action (and improvement)- analysis paralysis and navel gazing will get organizations nowhere fast! Taking action is a critical part of the formula for business success (see my post just before this one) Sandy

Sandy Richardson

Tricia: Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you found the post helpful! Sandy

Sandy Richardson

Tricia:Thanks for the feedback - glad you found the post helpful! Sandy


Sandy, this is a great post full of valid insight. My concern however, as I read it, was that too many of my clients are always in "learning mode" and too few take action on what they already know. Measurements should and do help leaders learn, but without action, nothing happens. I always suggest "make something happen, then seek balance."

Maybe you could end on a more aggressive note, like, "Learning sets the stage for your next call to action. Put the lessons learned into practice as soon as possible."

Pamela Johnston

Great piece - thanks for sharing it!

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