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Thank you very much. You are an example for me

Sandy Richardson

Hi Jesus: Glad you enjoyed the blog post! Unfortunately, too many organizations have had the experience you describe - I think that this is one of the reasons why companies conclude that the BSC isn't the powerful tool they expected it to be. I'm glad that your client was able to back track and "do it right" with your help! Regards, Sandy

Jesús Sánchez Martorelli

Sandy. Very good article. I have been in some projects where technology, instead of strategy and strategy execution, seems to drive BSC implementation. Results have been not very good in theese cases. The worst case: a customer bought a BSC solution and called us to implement it. What a nigtmare!. Finally, the customer understood that strategy come first an technology supports it.
Regards, Jesús

Sandy Richardson

Hi David: it sounds like you are taking a really good approach to selecting indicators for your balanced scorecard. How long have you been using the BSC in your organization? Is it generally seen as a valuable tool by your users? I would be interested in hearing more about your BSC experience (and success)! Regards,Sandy


Totally agree Sandy. We encourage our business units to consider their measures carefully before looking at putting them into the system. Our system utilises MS Access and Adobe Acrobat with scripting as a presentation layer. Our users use the scorecard through Adobe Reader.

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