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Sandy Richardson

Thanks - glad you liked it!

Project Management Company

Nice article. Kudos for sharing!

Sandy Richardson

Thanks Jesus - well said! Sandy

Jesús Sánchez

If the purpose is NOT TO DEVELOP THE STRATEGY MAP, you can follow the second approach. You can fall in the "analysis paralysis” trap with the second approach. Consider, for example, that you will not have all the information (data) for new indicators… then you can´t do data mining.
First, you develop the Strategy Map. Then, with data and “strategic dialogue”, you can validate cause and effect relationships (strategic hypothesis).
We have used data mining and dynamic simulations (with IThink software) to validate deep cause and effect relationships between variables (indicators). But this is a step that we have implemented after two or three years using the BSC.
Best regards, JS

Sandy Richardson

Hi Phil - glad you found the post helpful! I will write about this topic in my next blog. Thanks for the great suggestion. Sandy

Phil Roach

Encouraging words Sandy, thank you! Feel free to add more thoughts on value generation in the public sector and how strategy maps are implemented in a mission-driven organization.

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