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Sandy Richardson

Hi Verna: Thank you for your comments!

The work completed in organizations generally can be categorized as either processes or projects. Ad hoc work requests do come up and we can give them a special category but they are usually a new activity (i.e. a project) or involve accelerating the completion of an existing process. All employees will either contribute to business success through the work they do in a business process (or processes) and/or a business project. It is critical that business processes and projects be aligned with the business strategy to ensure that they are contributing optimally to the success of the business.

When business processes have process owners, these owners will usually ensure that the process has performance standards and objectives in place and they will assess (measure) that the process is performing as required. Smart process owners will involve the employees that execute/work in the process in managing and improving the process. This helps ensure that the strategies for process completion are aligned and that all employees can learn from and leverage the good ideas of their colleagues. The best performin companies always ensure that, while employees can innovate in the way work gets done, there is alignment in what employees are trying to achieve through their work and how they achieve it - it's necessay for strategy execution excellence and process performance excellence too. Is this the way you see it?

I hope that this helps and answers your question. Just let me know if you have follow up questions and/or want to chat further on this topic. Cheers! Sandy

Verna Derosier

Is it safe to say that the processes are being handled by each and every employee in the company? Each worker has his own task to handle, and I believe that those tasks are essential to keep the company standing, and they have their own strategies of getting the job done. Correct me if I'm wrong, alright? Oh, this was a good read, by the way.

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