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Huw Morris

Interesting spectrum of insights - thank you. In case you have not seen it, here is a link to some global research on the use of scorecards that I thought included some interesting analysis. http://www.actuate.com/download/whitepapers/20yrsMeasuringManagingSurvey.pdf


This article...hits the nail on the head. Not only does it talk about the issues - but the truth and nature of a balanced scorecard - so much information and ways to measure, it can be difficult and daunting to know what measures to use to GET the information you NEED. Sometimes, your not even sure what information you need until you see it!!
It reminds me of how people think of budgets - set in stone - no these reports are to be changed and customized.
Thank you for this great article. This site has other great recent blog posts about service - oriented balance scorecards and KPI's: http://www.pcg-services.com/category/blog/
They will also be posting to the site a FREE resource start up guide to creating KPI's for your business shortly!

Dana C.

Sandy Richardson

I really understand the problem of getting employee attention on reports and the information they provide. Just a hint - put your strategy front and centre in your business discussions and decision-making every day. When you do this, results reports (amoung other strategy-related resources)take on a new level of meaning to employees. I could say more but that's another blog topic!

One BSC software application that allows mobile access is Actuate - check it out on www.actuate.com. Also, take look at the offerings from active strategy and corporater. I'm not sure whether they have mobile access to reports but it's worth you taking a look. Sandy


One of the perennial problems is getting our users' attention when so many competing demands are made on their time.

A customisable real-time reporting interface plus availability on a mobile device is one such technique for promoting an ongoing business interest in strategy matters.

But how many of the software offerings include the possibility of a remote personal access to strategy performance information?

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