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Glenn Evans

What’s great about utilizing social media as one of your marketing strategies is that you don’t need to spend money once you begin with it. The only thing you have to think about is how you will make these platforms accessible to your customers. If you don’t succeed on your approach, you can come up with a better strategy until you find one that works for you. You have to remember though that "Brand awareness" and "Recall" should be at the core of your strategy. Nothing else will matter if no one remembers or knows who you are.

Staci Burruel

Social media is the best way to have a conversation with your target audience. I mean, billions of people are using these sites to communicate. It's a good platform to talk to your consumers privately or even in a group to listen to their suggestions. Sometimes, your consumers' ideas can be better than yours!

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You know that you have really moved your strategy management efforts forward and that your strategy has become the “way we work” (a key goal for strategy execution success) when your employees, business partners, and suppliers are talking about your business strategy with you and with each other.

Sandy Richardson

Social media has such great potential for conversation, collaboration, and innovation between employees and between the customer and the company/organization. I think that it is truly exciting and will give companies who can learn to leverage it in meaningful ways a real edge in the marketplace, as an employer, and in the eyes of the customer!

Marketing list

The best part is that social media and social media tools allow companies to get really innovative about how they connect with their customers.

Nelson Samayoa

That is a very remarkable article, Sandy. Indeed many companies are now embracing the concept of using social media for their company, as these communication tools have been found effective for building customer loyalty and facilitating internal communication among subordinates. Making use of these tools can enhance a company’s communication plan. But constant improvement is still needed to ensure that these channels are used correctly and appropriately.

Social Media Tools

Great post, social media is an invaluable tool if harnessed correctly.

Sandy Richardson

Thanks Dan - glad you found the post informative. It's an important up and coming topic that all businesses need to be aware of and comfortable with.


It's always good to find well written articles on this subject. I've seen more and more managers that have started to pay more attention to social media, but can't find relevant and clear information.
Anyway thanks!

Sandy Richardson

Glad you liked the post! This is such an important topic and, as I said in the article, can be a game-changer for businesses that harness its power now.

Cazare online

It’s an awesome post in support of all the online people; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

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