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Sandy Richardson

Hi Phil: glad you liked the post.

I generally don't see a mix up between mission and vision the way I have defined them here. What I do see quite often though is a lack of clarity on the difference between a mission and a vision so that they end up looking the same. I believe that this is an opportunity lost - here's a link to a blog I wrote on this very topic: Traditional Vision Statements - An Opportunity Lost http://sfo-blog.typepad.com/sfo-blog/2010/07/traditional-vision-statements-an-opportunity-lost.html

The most important thing from my perspective is to clearly define what a mission is and what a vision is for your organization and then write them with those definitions in mind. It is fairly common practice to make your mission statement relate to your overall purpose - the semantics battle seems to center on the definition of "vision" The most important thing in my opinion is that both types of statements are included in a company's strategy and that everyone understands what each statement is telling them (and that they help them put the strategy into action).

So I suppose that if an organization called what I call a mission a vision that shouldn't matter too much as long as the people using the information know what they're looking at. However,when it comes to mission statements, it could look a bit confusing when looking at the strategies of others because most organizations tend to define "mission" in a fairly uniform way (our purpose).

Hope this helps - Sandy

Phil Roach

Great stuff Sandy! Do you ever see organizations that have the definitions of Mission and Vision, as you have described, reversed? Does that matter as long as the terminology is understood internally?


Sandy Richardson

I'm glad you liked it!

kishen kaul

very intresting,informative and practical

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