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Sandy Richardson

Hello Mike:
I am glad that you enjoyed the post! Engaging employees with the business strategy is such a critical success factor - I hope that more organizations will take the time to share their strategy story with employees and other stakeholders.

I will let you know when my book is available.
Cheers, Sandy

Mike Portworsnick

Hi Sandy

I like this articel, it is great.
To develop a strategy is one thing, to get everybody really working on it is another thing. We are all knowledge worker and do produce great stuff, but it so easy to forget telling other about this.
To tell strategy as a story is for me a great way to get all staff motivated. That will never work if you just send Emails, Powerpoints, using Sharepoint, etc.
Please, put me on the pre-order list for your book. I'm looking forward reading it!
best regards

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