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Sandy Richardson

Hi Peter - I would certainly like to hear more on how system dynamics and strategic model building approaches can help. One of my "ground rules" in strategic planning is to have people bring their knowledge into the room but park their roles at the door. This can be very hard for some people to do but it is imperative for success. Any tips and strategies you can provide to help with this would be very valuable and much appreciated! Sandy


I think you have defintely hit on something here.

Strategy is serious stuff, but the process can be light hearted.

You have shown some fun things that are add-ons to the work.

Would you consider new approaches taken from language learning classes? PAirwork exercises that are great fun and provoke and stimulate - the idea being that learning the language is no longer na end in itself because participants are given subjects that sre very motivating to disccuss.

Another interesting line of attack on this subject (how to cheer up and motivate participants so they want to leve their operational roles and contribute persociaciosu and original strategy content) is provided by System Dynamics and Strategic Model Building.

I can write some more about this if interested

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