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wow great article thanks for sharing. its very helpful information.

Sandy Richardson

Hi Severi:glad you liked the article. I am glad to hear that call centers in Finland focus on both customer measures. Have you seen the results used by companies to change or improve the way they work or the products/services they offer to their customers? I'd be interested in hearing your perspective! Sandy

Severi Kauniainen

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty both have differences and i really love how you measure it,most of the call center and contact center in Finland use to develop their skill for customer to get both of customer satisfaction and loyalty and i am glad to read about it for some knowledge.Thanks.

Sandy Richardson

Thanks for the comment - hope you"ll drop by again soon. Sandy

Prior katich

Useful tips here. It is very helpful for me because I can to know about these things. This is very nice post! I will bookmark this blog...

Sandy Richardson

Hi Martin: glad you liked the post. It's really important to understand the difference between these two important customer goals/objectives and metrics. Do you measure and manage both in your business? I'd be interested in hearing whether you do, how you measure them, and how you've used performance results in the management of your business. Regards, Sandy


Really helpful article. You have clearly mention the difference between customer satisfaction and loyalty in details. Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

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