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Sandy Richardson

A key tool that plays a critical role here is the strategy map. It's vastly underutilized but that's a mistake. The strategy map allows you to frame your business strategy in terms of action-oriented strategic objectives.

Once you have your strategy map in place, you should align your business processes and projects with your strategic objectives. Since this is where all of the work in your business gets done, aligning processes and projects with your strategy almost automatically makes your strategy actionable. Process and project support gaps can be filled by new gap closing projects (more action).

Finally, aligned processes and projects help your employees see their contribution to the execution of your business strategy - a critical success factor for translating your strategy into action that matters and produces results.

Of course, your balanced scorecard also helps translate your strategy into action but I truly think that its impact in this regard is less than the impact of the strategy map.


Jane Bromley

Hi. This article is very interesting. Thanks so much for the insights.
Can you recommend any tools that you find are particularly good for converting strategy into action plans please?

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