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Kayode Sufianu


I have read some of your articles and they are interesting indeed.

I will like to specifically comment on Making BSC work in public sector and non-profit organizations. I believe that there is a danger of putting Financial/Financial Mgt somewhere at the bottom of a public sector/non-profit strategy map, rather than map it as a 'Result' perspective. And the danger is that organizations may then believe that what they basically need do is throw money at any problem and pronto, the problem is resolved.

We encourage mapping Financial/Resource Mgt as a Result above Internal Process with Stakeholder/Customer as the final result. For the public sector organization, the key financial consideration is how effectively are financial resources being managed? And this is equally driven from below by the Oganizational Capacity and Internal Process perspectives.

The main interest of providers of financial resources for these types of organizations, be they donors or the parliament, is ensuring that those resources are being judiciously managed and ensuring that the use to which they are put deliver the desired strategic outcomes. Therefore at the organizational capacity level the key value drivers seem to me to be people, tools and technology, leadership, governance, culture and these apply to both private and public sectors.

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