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Sandy Richardson

Hi David - glad you liked the post.

I agree with you - fear of what they will hear back is the biggest obstacle holding companies and business leaders back from asking this question. And I suspect that the fear is really on multiple levels/about different things.

For example, fear of hearing that things aren't going as well as thought (as you point out) and fear of having to deal with the actions required in response to customer/stakeholder feedback. One difficulty many organizations have is in their ability to prioritze work and what they respond to. If you were to regularly solicit customer/stakeholder feedback, imagine the prioritzation nightmare that that could cause!

I understand the fear companies feel about talking with their customers/stakeholders but it's important for business leaders to feel the fear and do it anyway.In the end,if they don't, it's almost certain that their company will fall behind when it comes to delivering value to their customers and stakeholders over the long term.

david k waltz

Sandy, great job breaking down the tightly packed symbolism of the "How am I doing?" question into bite-sized elements. I think one of the main factors that inhibit organizations from doing what you suggest is plain ole' fear - they are uncertain as to what the response will be and are afraid to find out.

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